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C Language Course

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Online and Classroom


1½ Months

C language was developed by Dennis Ritchies at bell Laboratories in 1972. It is a middle level language. It is developed for both machine level and high level language. ADMEC Multimedia is one of the best IT training institutes in Delhi for C language. We offers C language classes for both beginner and experienced candidates in Rohini, Delhi.

Features of C

The increasing demand of C is probably is due to its excellent features. It is also known as robust language whose rich library functions and operators can be used to write any complex program. Using C we can write efficient and fast programs. Another type of feature of C is less number of keywords. This is main reason why C seems so popular because of it's reliability, precise and easy to use qualities. It is widely used in embedded systems also.

At ADMEC Multimedia Institute we start from basics like what is need of C, uses of C and how C is used in past and current programming world etc. We covers all the basics of programming in the C language. Our course is designed in such a way that after completion of course at ADMEC, student can easily learn any computer language without any problem. We focus specially on logic building skills in the students so that they can go for advanced programmings and languages to make their career bright.

Eligibility to Join C Language Course

Students having basic knowledge of computer can easily learn this language without any specific eligibility.

What you will Learn in C Language in our Institute

  1. Introduction of Computer & it’s components
    • Computer Peripherals
    • Computer Software
      • Types of software
      • Types of operating system
  2. Introduction of Generation of Language
    • Level of language
      • Machine Level Language
      • Assembly Level Language
      • High Level Language
  3. Types of Program
    • Source Program
    • Object Program 
  4. Interpreter & Compiler
  5. C Language
  6. Features of C
    • Less number of key words
    • Machine Independent
    • Variety of Data Type
    • Rich Library of Functions
      • Library Functions or Predefined Functions
      • User Defined Function
    • Program are shorter and Faster
  7. Structure of C program
  8. Header File
  9. Constants and Variable
    • Integer Constant
    • Float or Real constant
    • Character Constant
    • String Constant 
  10. Calculations in C
    • Precedence of Arithmetical Operator
    • Mode of Arithmetic
      • Integer Mode Operation
      • Float Mode Operation
      • Mixed Mode Operation
  11. Control Statements
    • If Statement
    • If else Statement
    • Nested If else Statement
  12. Slab Calculations Using Control Statements
  13. The Loop Control Structure
    • While Loop
    • Do-While Loop
    • For Loop
  14. The Case Statement
    • Switch Case
    • Switch Case Versus If else Ladder
  15. Counter
  16. Accumulator
  17. Commands
    • Continue Commands
    • Break Commands
  18. Nesting of Loops
    • Inner Loop
    • Outer Loop
  19. Arrays
    • Deceleration Of arrays
    • Array Initialization
  20. Functions, Pointers, and Memory Management
    1. Why use function
    2. Call by Value and call by Reference
    3. Introduction of Pointer
    4. Pointer Notation
  21. Structure
    • Deceleration of Structure
    • Accessing Structure Elements
  22. File Input & Output
  23. Searching
    1. Linear Search
    2. Binary Search
  24. Data Structure
    • Stack
    • Queue
    • Linked List
      • Single Linked List
      • Doubly Linked List
      • Circular Single Linked List
      • Circular Doubly Linked List
  25. Best Programming Practices
    • Defining and using meaningful naming conventions
    • Testing code
    • Debugging techniques
    • Simplicity and clarity in code
    • Techniques to develop a portable code

Training Mode: 

Online and Classroom training modes are available with the following timings.

Regular- 3days theory and 3 days lab of 2Hrs

Fast Track- 6days theory of 2Hrs

Weekends Batches:

Saturday and Sunday: 3 Hrs
Only Sunday: 3 Hrs (course duration will be doubled)

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Career Options: 

programmer, software developer

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