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Cinema 4D Master

Training Mode: 

Online and Classroom


3 Months

Training in Maxon Cinema 4D application allows designers to unleash their creativity and enjoy 3D without any limits. Cinema 4D (C4D) software has everything that one need for creating high-end 3D. Maxon Cinema 4D software offer powerful and integrated 3D modeling, animation, and rendering tools that gives flexibility to the designers to emphasize additional energy on inventive, instead of technical challenges. Cinema 4D is capable of procedural and polygonal animating, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and customary options found in 3D modeling applications. ADMEC Multimedia Institute is one amongst the best training institutes in Delhi rendering advanced training in Cinema 4D software.

Our institute offers intensified and practical training in Cinema 4D application in Rohini, Delhi. At our training institute we ensure that students will able to form jaw-dropping graphics in Cinema 4D easily and quickly. Cinema 4D (C4D) course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute is spread across three months duration. Our institute focuses on providing a solid foundation in Cinema 4D & typical 3D animation related concepts. During the tenure of advanced Cinema 4D course students will get in-depth training in motion graphics, modeling, mapping textures, fundamentals of camera, lighting, Key frame animation, and rendering effects.

Pre-requisite to Join Cinema 4D Course from Our Institute

Candidates who want to learn Cinema 4D course should have minimum knowledge of fundamentals of computer and graphic designing related aspects. Proficient knowledge of graphic designing related software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, or knowledge of any other video editing or motion graphic software would serve as an added advantage to learn Cinema 4D from our institute.

Training Mode: 

  • Regular
  • Fast-Track
  • Weekends (Sat/Sun)
  • Only Sundays
  • Online
  • Others

How to Apply: 

If you require any further information regarding our JavaScript Master Course; please contact our JavaScript Institute admissions team, email: phone: +91 (0) 9811-818-122.

What You Study: 

Introduction to Cinema 4D

  • Moving Around the Viewport
  • Choosing and Saving Layouts
  • Customising the Viewport
  • Looking at Preferences
  • The Managers and Help System
  • Toolbars, Context Menu and Shortcuts
  • The Camera and Object Views
  • Navigating in 3D

Modeling in Cinema 4D

  • How to select, move, scale and rotate
  • Reference Images and Importing Illustrator Paths
  • Using the HUD in Cinema 4D
  • Creating and Manipulating Parametric Objects
  • Creating and Understanding Splines
  • Creating NURBS in Cinema 4D
  • Shapes and Parameters
  • Deformers in Cinema 4D
  • Polygon Modeling Tools
  • Creating and Stylising Text

Materials in Cinema 4D

  • Popular Channels in the Material Manager
  • Creating glass, Metal and Plastic
  • Alpha and Bump Channels
  • Applying Materials and The Texture Tag
  • Set Selections in Cinema 4D
  • Texture Mapping

Body Paint 3D in Cinema 4D

  • Introduction to UV maps
  • How to use Body Paint 3D to create textures
  • Camera mapping your new models flawlessly into existing imagery
  • Projection Painting/Texturing
  • How to leverage Adobe Photoshop to really enhance the texturing process

Lighting in Cinema 4D

  • Types of Lights in Cinema 4D
  • Types of Shadows in Cinema 4D
  • A three Point Lighting Set-up
  • Light Textures and Projections
  • Global Illumination in Cinema 4D

Animation in Cinema 4D

  • Animation Essentials
  • Working with Keyframes
  • Animating Simple Objects and Cameras
  • Refining Animation in Cinema 4D
  • Creating an Animation Path for Your Object
  • Animating the Camera
  • Previewing Animation
  • Animating Nurbs in Cinema 4D
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Animating Lights

Tags in Cinema 4D

  • General Tags
  • Character Tags
  • Simulation Tags

MoGraph in Cinema 4D

  • Using Effectors, Delay, Random and Sound
  • Using Cloners
  • Fracture in Cinema 4D
  • MoText  

Rendering/ Exporting in Cinema 4D

  • Rendering Settings in Cinema 4D
  • Rendering for Print
  • Rendering for Video
  • Rendering with Alpha Channels
  • Exporting to Different Formats (MOV, Image sequences, DPX)
  • Importing into other applications e.g. After Effects, Fusion, Nuke, Illustrator and Photoshop

After Effects Integration

  • Preparing Track Mattes for Compositing
  • Exporting Multiple Layers from Cinema 4D
  • Depth Channels for Depth of Field Control
  • Motion Vectors for Motion Blur
  • Exporting After Effects Project Files from Cinema 4D
  • Importing Lights, Cameras and Solids into After Effects
  • Transferring Camera Tracking Data from After Effects to Cinema 4D

Why Join Us?: 

Highly experienced faculty with positive attitude to prepare his/ her students for the prospective industry.

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Career Options: 

Following are the career options available in Cinema 4D course: Motion Graphic Artist, 3D Modeling Designer, 3D Rendering Artist, etc.

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